Monday, November 08, 2004

My house smells so good!

I roasted a pumpkin this afternoon. Of course, I managed to burn myself on the roasting pan. But the olfactory party makes up for it! The plan is to puree the meat (isn't it funny that a squash has meat?) with sugar and heavy cream and spices and put it into the pie crust I made earlier. Oh, and I think an egg, too. I don't know. I have a recipe. I've never used it before and intend to make a few substitutions, so if it works I will post it. I need to partially pre-bake the crust, because I expect the pie filling to be a bit runny. This is all an adventure! I've made pumpkin pie plenty of times before, but it's been a while, and in the past I've always steamed the pumpkin or used canned. I have a second pumpkin that I haven't cooked yet, so if it works well, I'll be able to make pie #2 quickly tomorrow, and if it doesn't quite work, I can adjust my methods. Or possibly, based on the smell, just roast it and eat it with butter and sugar. Oopsie, I just drooled all over myself.

In other news, I have been sucked in by the Sharp Aquos campaign. I would say completely sucked in, but I am looking at the forums and I doubt these people sleep. I am a far cry from obsessed. So far I have discovered three websites - More To See, linked to above, More Was Seen, and Steinitz Puzzlers. More To See has three important subdomains: Natalie, Peter and Mike. The subdomains are the blogs of the three main characters in the story. Steinitz Puzzlers gives a great deal of backstory. More Was Seen recaps everything to date. And the blogs are rather realistic. More To See is primarily a commercial; it has three actual video ads included, though there is much more than that to explore. The forums are here on the Steinitz page.

It is totally insane. I'm sorry I can't explain it better, but I only stumbled upon it via Natalie's blog, so you already have a headstart.