Saturday, December 25, 2004

Thank God It's Christmas

For one day...

So far, so lovely.

In keeping with tradition, I made pizza last night, which Will, Jenn, and I devoured. After some prep for today's cooking and some cleaning up, Will and I opened our gifts to each other. He gave me two gorgeous sets of PJs from Victoria's Secret - a satin pair (this one, I think, in red) and a cotton pair for actual sleeping - as well as a satin robe (I didn't find pictures of the robe and cotton PJs - will edit later if I find them). I gave him a banjo which has already become the Other Woman in our marriage. After gifts we got in bed and listened to Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre's A Christmas Carol. As per usual, I fell asleep sometime around the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Woke up early this morning, though not as early as Will, and we did stockings with our coffee. Will got me a calligraphy pen and ink and some little candies and BASEketball, my favorite comedy ever (Dodgeball is a very close second - I like sports movies where people get hurt). Having blown my wad (and his paycheck) on the banjo, I gave him a Pooh & Piglet card and some coupons for things like massages and other stuff that isn't fit to print.

Then we opened our FAT LOOT. Or phat lute. Or something.

Will's parents take the cake this year. Will received 11 DVDs, mainly of werewolf movies, including all three Ginger Snaps movies, as well as some other horror gems. He also got a few CDs. They gave me two gorgeous sweaters, which look so adorable on me that I will just have to post pictures later. They also sent several flour sack kitchen towels, which is exactly what I wanted. I know, I know. They sent more, including some cutesy stuff for both of us, but my head was spinning from the DVDs and I stopped paying attention.

Cassie gave me a cookbook I've been wanting for ages of Southeast Asian food and Stitch 'n Bitch, so next time the kids come to visit I will be sure to join the knitting circle. Poor Heath and Will are going to have to play nicely with each other.

Jamie and Elliot sent me a cookbook and Will a...something. I don't remember, but I know he liked it. We laughed hysterically when Will looked at the cookbook and realized that the author is a Buffy actor and was on the one and only episode of Heat Vision & Jack. (On Buffy he played Jenny's uncle.)

John sent me one of Wil Wheaton's books, and Heath and Jess gave me the other, autographed to the Queen of Pie. And John gave Will the DVD of Baz Luhrman's La Boheme, which Will saw on TV years ago and loved.

Jenn's gift is arriving at LAX on the 11th - she bought Darren a plane ticket to come see us.

Will's sister and her fiance sent us the prettiest silver nutcracker salt and pepper shakers, polar bear cocktail picks and tin holiday plates. I like the plates so much that I am thinking of buying one of those hanging plate racks, which is something that only Grown Ups have.

I know I am probably forgetting something (we totally scored this year), but I'm sure I'll post again later. Right now, though, I have to go check on the Mexican feast that is cooking downstairs.