Thursday, February 17, 2005


I am so tired today. Weary, even. And for no good reason.

...Oh, hey! It's RAINING! That's new, and not terribly exciting. Maybe the barometer was my problem. Is my problem. I'm not any less tired now that it's raining.

Which reminds me, none of the promised work has been done on our apartment. I am going to turn into THE HULK any day now. But first, another stern letter. When I am less tired.

It is the kind of tired that is not strong enough for me to take a nap, just strong enough that I think of stuff that I need to do but I can't get up and do it. I re-read some of Mindi's novel yesterday and toward the end of the second chapter I just zoned out and couldn't concentrate to write down my thoughts on it. So I guess the rain theory is right out, since yesterday was the same, but without rain. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? And shut up, I could not be pregnant.

I am forcing myself to write this even though my brain keeps going elsewhere, because I want to write down my incredibly simple to-do list so that I will feel more guilty if I don't get through it. So, um, here goes.

By Friday afternoon:

  • Collect old magazines to get rid of. (Should be easy, they are in exactly two places.)
  • Write that feedback for Mindi.
  • Clear off shelf by computer and organize bills there.
  • Stern letter.
  • Two loads laundry.
  • Wash kitchen floor.
  • Vacuum.
  • Clean bathroom.
  • Call sister.
  • flip out and kill people

This weekend:
  • Research combination printers.
  • Buy one with Best Buy gift card.
  • Buy Deadwood.
  • Give up on ever getting anything else done; watch Deadwood.

That's not so bad, right?