Wednesday, March 02, 2005



Let me back up.

I have been sick for just over a week. Last Monday evening I had a sore throat, which I hoped to be able to attribute to shouting "COCKSUCKER!" at our TV repeatedly (got those Deadwood DVDs), but alas - it was swollen glands, the whole she-bang. HA HA HA! SHE BANG! This turned into a very nasty sinus thing. I love Tylenol Sinus. Forget everything I have ever said about not medicating myself unless absolutely necessary. By Friday afternoon, I was feeling better but Will had been home sick for two days. We decided the best course of action was to KILL OUR GERMS WITH TEQUILA, so we went to Ernie's and had yummy Mexican food and TEQUILA.

When we got home, our power was out. WHEE! FUN! So we went to bed early and got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday. We went to several yard sales and had an absolute ball and came home with TONS OF COOL JUNK. Saturday evening we went to Meghan and Mark's place and watched Wet Hot American Summer and had a lovely time, but by the time we left I was feeling crummy again. DAMN IT. And I've been coughing and having shortness of breath and sniffling ever since. SHORTNESS OF BREATH. NOT FUN.

I'm feeling decent today. Woke up, took a shot of Tussin (I'm not being cute, that's store brand Robitussin), sat and talked with Will while he got ready for work. MADE MYSELF A CUP OF COFFEE. OH MY GOD THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD. I CAN'T BELIEVE I WENT A WHOLE WEEK ON DECAF TEA.

My stomach is doing somersaults and I think I might flip out any second and it is TOTALLY WORTH IT BECAUSE I LOVE COFFEE.

Just imagine if I'd made full-caffeine. This is half decaf.