Tuesday, August 16, 2005

cleaning house.

I just deleted half of my blogroll. Gone are blogs that are no longer updated. Gone are blogs of people I don't know, except for two food blogs that I want to marry and the blog of a woman I might also want to marry, Diablo Cody of Pussy Ranch. Also Neil Gaiman gets to stay. No explanation necessary. Gone is my mother's blog, per her request. If I do know you and I accidentally deleted yours, let me know and I'll put it back. If I know you and don't have a link to your blog and you think I should, let me know. If you use Blurty or LiveJournal, my blogroll is unfairly prejudiced against you and you will not be added at this time. This decision is totally arbitrary so don't ask for an explanation. But you can ask for an exception. I am in a lot of pain and the more painkillers I take the more generous I feel. Which reminds me - it's been at least an hour. Time for more drugs!