Thursday, December 29, 2005

random things

  • I often feel the need to set the record straight but seldom do. Sometimes I worry that this is because I like being able to sit and stew in anger about the fact that some people think I became pregnant by accident (or whatever I am annoyed about on any given day).

  • I have ridiculously expensive taste. Part of me knows this is merely because I like things that are high-quality and will last, which is perfectly reasonable; however, part of me thinks I might be a greedy piggy. (Example: I spend half of our money on food because I want to eat organic. Less reasonable example: I want a Bugaboo stroller really bad and I don't even like strollers.) On the other hand, I still think my diamond is a bit large and it's less than half a carat.

  • In keeping with this confessional vein (which I can only assume was brought on by the discussion of New Years Resolutions): I feel a deep sense of entitlement. People look down on me for this a lot. What no one seems to understand is that I think everyone should feel entitled to the things I demand. Respect, for instance. Fair treatment. You know. (I guess this was kind of setting the record straight. The problem is that the people who need the information are never the ones who will get it through this medium.)

  • I have lost my equilibrium. I know this is to be expected, but DAMN! I was clumsy to begin with! Where did my center of gravity go?

And...I'm out of steam. I'm certain there will be more randomness later.