Wednesday, December 28, 2005

situation(s) update

1. Today we distributed letters to every apartment in the building, outlining what happened to me two weeks ago and what has (or rather hasn't) been done about it. No fingers were pointed. Safety precautions were recommended. We have already (within two hours!) had a visit from a neighbor who was very concerned, wanted to know more, and has said she will show the letter to the law firm she works for and complain to management as well. Not bad, eh? (But I still have not reported the building to the city because OHMYGOD is the building code ever long and boring.)

2. Froggy is showing signs of being just like Mommy (damn it). If I roll over in the night s/he wakes up and makes it abundantly clear that THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. This morning I received a fax (or elbow to the bladder) stating that while sleeping on one's head may be well and good for us crazy grown-ups out here in the big bad world, BABY WON'T STAND FOR IT SO MOMMY HAD BEST STAY PUT WHEN BABY IS SLEEPING. I think I need to get one of those body pillow thingies.

3. 18 weeks, four days (this past Monday):

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