Saturday, December 24, 2005

On second thought, I believe I'll stay indoors after all.

What with hustling and bustling we did not get to the tree lot this year. We meant to, even though there isn't room for a tree. We wanted real pine for Christmas. But it didn't happen.

Will agreed to humor me in my desperate desire for kitschy 50s-style aluminum trees, and so I went off to a party store yesterday intending to buy one each (3-footers) in pink, green, and silver. After a quick call to Will while in sticker shock and a decision to get the silver one in a larger size, I brought my pretties up to the counter. Where my bank card was denied. This had happened twice on Thursday, but at that point I assumed it simply wasn't activated yet (I was told, frustratingly, that it might take up to 48 hours - but this was nearly 72 hours later). Also on Thursday I had Will and his debit card with me. I spent AN HOUR on the phone with Washington Mutual. I spoke to multiple people; the manager of the party store spoke to multiple people. The general consensus was that there was no reason for my card to be denied. Yeah, real fucking helpful. I explained over and over that NO, I did not have an alternate method of payment - I was MUGGED and anyway even if I had a credit card - WHICH I DON'T - this is my bank card and the only access I have to MY MONEY. I finally just called Will and he rushed over and paid for my trees. Then I went home, defeated, instead of buying a spare pair of goggles for Will's stocking.

I never thought I'd say this so sincerely, but I am SO FUCKING GLAD my in-laws will be here in a few hours.