Tuesday, December 27, 2005

this post has no title but is about Christmas

While Will watches After the Thin Man downstairs I am taking a quick break to reflect on Christmas. There was some bad - very bad - in the form of a family feud that I cannot/will not get into here. But there was also a lot of very good, which I think can be summed up best in list form.

  • Greek food
  • homemade pizza
  • pork pibil
  • chile verde (vegetarian)
  • salsa & guacamole
  • margaritas (I tasted one and it didn't kill the baby so there)

  • brass monkey bookends
  • The Thin Man box set
  • Apple store giftcards
  • Libeled Lady
  • a book of hot chocolate recipes (I cannot for the life of me remember which of my parents this was from)
  • an illustrated Wizard of Oz
  • cash for maternity clothes (or whatever I want) from the in-laws
  • cash from the husband to spend frivolously on myself (I went to Origins)
  • Batman Begins
  • baby clothes
  • knitting things
  • cookbooks
  • book-books
  • tchotchkes*
  • caaandy**

  • love
  • health
  • baby
  • friends

Tomorrow we are off to spend Will's Christmas money on new boots and mine on new clothes and if there's anything leftover it will go toward the compooper.

*It is worth mentioning Will's sister's gifts on their own: a serving bowl made out of an LP (Tony Bennett), a decorative cowboy plate, and this knife set (I laughed for an hour).
**Blogger wants to change this to Canada. WWBD (What Would the Bears Do)?

And now I must get back to my husband, who is in ill health after finding himself at the wrong end of a bottle of tequila.