Tuesday, January 03, 2006

spam, eggs, bacon and spam

It is getting harder and harder to delete my junk mail, when every message offers an enticement such as "One darn big check for you." I mean - I would love to get a darn big check! We could have a series of delightful movies centered around the antics of "That darn big check." It would get into trouble all the time, but always be there for me at the end of the day! Maybe somewhere down the line, at sequel number fourteen or so when the studio bigwigs are greenlighting them without paying any attention whatsoever, we can have a hilarious situational comedy based around That darn big check and me accidentally switching bodies. We will of course both learn a valuable lesson. Or! Maybe it can get into the races and I can be the young girl jockey. Watch out, Liz! I will be twice as fabulous as you! But Angela Lansbury can't play my older sister. She was way too hot back in the day. (I would keep going but I've been sidetracked by the realization that Mickey Rooney was at one time in every single movie produced.)