Monday, May 15, 2006

Just don't ask where I am planning to put the baby.

I have a deadline today, which I will be lucky to make, so naturally all I want to do is blog.

I am listening to Peter and the Wolf. My CD drive is making all sorts of awful noises as it attempts to import a CD (Tori Amos). I wonder why it is so much trouble? I have been copying CDs to iTunes all morning (anything to avoid meeting that deadline).

The basket holds diapering things and I intend for it to stay right where it is for nighttime changes. The look-looks will be getting their own basket, which I will probably put on the floor. We have four frogs and counting.

I've ejected the CD and started on Ace & the Ragers, who are thusfar giving me no trouble at all. Because rockabilly is just better.