Sunday, December 28, 2003

Somebody loves me!

(The previous entry doesn't count. Not because it's a quiz, though I'd use that only as a last resort entry, but because I made it before I went to bed last night, so it was sort of a Saturday entry.)

So, today was far too productive. We worked on organizing the kitchen (having gotten a fantastic cart from my dad yesterday to help with storage issues), I fixed the DVD player so it'll play widescreen for everything (except, obviously, the few retarded DVDs out there that are fullscreen), Will took apart and cleaned the grill, and I checked out his old computer to see if it would work as a second computer/gaming system. It might be too slow and not have enough memory or hard disc space for some stuff, but I can't be sure yet because I couldn't convince it to recognize a keyboard, which made it difficult to experiment. Still, I think it was a success if for no other reason than the fact that I turned off my own computer in order to borrow the monitor. And at least we know the Beast still runs, even if we don't know how well.

Anyway, I was getting tired and a bit grumpy, so Will helped me get everything hooked back up to my computer and put on the Batman theme, which cheered me up enormously.

I think we might have done some other stuff as well, but I'm drawing a blank. I don't think the fact that we ate and washed the dishes really qualifies as accomplishment. On the other hand, we did both, so I'll count them.

Yesterday was also quite a full day, now that I think about it - we went to Linens 'n Things to pick up the cart (the online store is out of stock or I'd link to a picture - it's so pretty!), and stopped at the army/navy surplus store for a t-shirt for Will, where I tried on some helmets (Kevlar is heavy), and then went to our favorite furniture store, where we got our coffee table, and bought a dresser. Finally, we will have places to put all of our clothes! Not until later in the week, as they are going to fix it up first, but hopefully by the New Year. Which reminds me, must ask Jenn if we can borrow her truck...I don't believe it will fit in our sedan. By which I mean, it is huge and we could possibly fit a drawer or two into our sedan.

Will talked to his mom today and asked her how old he was when he started reading. He was aghast until I told him that I started late too. Thing is, we both took our time but immediately jumped in to reading "real" books. I'm the fastest reader I had ever met until I met him. He doesn't actually read, he eats books.

This is coming out very disjointed.

Will's mom also wanted to know if I was working this week. That woman is never going to accept the fact that I don't work full time. I told Will that it doesn't bother me as long as he is OK with it, but I'm not sure that was true. I think her questioning may have contributed to my bad mood.

Thank goodness for Batman. Will loves me.