Thursday, January 01, 2004

I don't do resolutions.

I am also not certain why certain people seem to think that January 1 is included in a blogging every day in December challenge, but oh well. I was going to blog anyway.

So our power came back on this morning, and nothing in the refrigerator is destroyed, so 2004 (or two-thousand-Amy) is all right thus far. Of course, I will be writing the wrong date on checks for the next couple of months, which will be exceptionally annoying. I guess it could be worse. (He could be driving the bus.)

Will, Shelby and Wanda are out walking. I have chosen to usher in the new year by not taking off the clothes I slept in (which also happen to be the clothes I wore yesterday). I might take these clothes off later, but only because a bath sounds nice and I find that those are less gross if you are naked.

In other news, Rian got me high last night. She is no good. No good at all.

In conclusion, my fingernails are dirty and I am considering a fourth cappuccino.