Monday, December 29, 2003


Today Will and I went to Sears and liberated a puppy. He's a tiny black lab and his name is bean. Not, as one might expect, for Sean Bean (which I only just thought of), but because his belly is full of beans. His fur is plush and he fits on mommy's shoulder. I have not yet introduced him to the pigs and the lion, but will do so at bed time.

Speaking of bed, I am very excited! While we were out, we also went to Linens 'n Things again, because we needed new pillows. My neck and shoulders have been bothering me immensely, and I have isolated the problem as being the fault of ancient pillows. I found one of those foam contour pillows for only $30! I hope the quality is good - last I checked, those babies sold for more like a C-note.

All in all, our day was far too productive, as seems to be our habit lately. I'm hoping to break that one soon. I need some lazy time (sleeping in until almost noon today notwithstanding).