Thursday, January 29, 2004

Someone thinks I am cool! Just wait till he meets me...

The other day will had lunch with some Agent. I am capitalizing that because I forget his name, and wouldn't print it if I remembered. They were talking about horror movies (I think/presume) and Agent asked Will if he'd been to ComicCon. Will said no, he'd never really been interested in being surrounded by People Like Him, but that we'd probably go this year because I wanted to. Agent was terribly impressed, and later suggested that the three of us go out for drinks sometime.

HA! I fooled him without even being there! People tend to assume that I am a geek, because I can hold up my end of a geeky conversation, but really? I just like being around geeks. I've read, like, four comic books ever (I don't mean individual comics - some of them were series of which I read more than one book). I pretty much only watch obscure movies that Will wants to watch, and sometimes (usually) I let him watch them without me. Until my recent history obsession (or re-obsession, I should say), I only read fiction and none of it was the science variety. I can't do anything with a computer. No, really! Not ANYTHING. It's a miracle I can type.

I am such a fake. It's brilliant.