Thursday, February 12, 2004

I have been instructed to update my blog, because "it's boring."

Lucky for him, the person doing the instructing is one of the few who has not yet found a way to offend me for more than three seconds.

Therefore, an update. I am afraid it will be of very little substance, as I have next to nothing to say, but I aim to please, and shall endeavor to do my best.

What do you mean, big words aren't going to cut it? I'm trying here.

I'm afraid that my outfit is not nearly as cute as yesterday's. Though I have once again opened both doors, I did not come upstairs until afternoon, so the warm weather has had time to creep in. I am wearing a sweater of Will's, if that helps any.

The day before yesterday I sadly informed Will that the computer I want costs $2600. He said that if he had the money, he would buy it for me. I then bravely told him that if he had $2600 I would prefer it go toward the purchase of a house. As much as I hate my current computer, and as badly as it needs replacing, I would rather have a permanant place to hang my hat. I can't think of anything (material) that I want more than a house. Maybe a wedding ring, but that will cost a few hundred dollars at the most.

House, house, house, house, house.

When we were driving to the airport on Friday, Will pointed out a house that he thought was pretty. It was pretty much exactly the sort of house I want! We are clearly meant to buy a house together.

Um, I also want a baby, but not nearly as much as I want a house. *Runs downstairs in a panic to make sure last night's birth-control pill was taken on schedule* Er, clearly I am a wee bit conflicted on the matter.

Best words out of my mouth recently (in response to Stacey's comment on Buffy & Spike's sex in "Smashed" being the good variety): Oh, no. I've had that sex. It only ends in rawness and pain.

This was, of course, followed up by Will asking me just who, exactly, I had that sex with. He's a dope.

And...I'm done.