Tuesday, February 03, 2004

For once, I am thrilled that I don't work in the film industry.

Usually I am fairly neutral about the whole thing, but today I am jumping for joy. You see, on Sunday there is to be a non-industry screening of a movie I have been excited about since, oh, forever or thereabouts.

I never read the screenplay (wink, wink), because that would have been bad of anyone who might have given it to me. I did pimp out the original Terry Tate: Office Linebacker short to anyone who would watch it, and gushed about the remake(s) for Reebok. That Rawson Marshall Thurber is going places.

I just hope to god this movie is as good as it ought to be.

It's the same movie that Will and I attended the wrap party for back in December (where we met Alan Tudyk). Will is out of town this weekend, so I'll be dragging a posse of friends over to the Fox lot on Sunday afternoon to watch The Movie Will Discovered sans Will.

I'm trying really hard to feel as bad as I ought to.

However it goes, I plan to laugh my ass off through the whole thing. Fox hasn't started their ad campaign yet, and I don't want them to kill this movie the way they've been known to kill one of my favorite television shows.