Saturday, January 31, 2004

Identity Crisis.

So, on a whim (as I was already on the search page) I did a Yahoo image search for my first name. I have yet to see a picture of myself (er, now, not ever), which is sad.

What is distressing, though, is that I keep nearly convincing myself that the pictures are of me. They have my name! Therefore, they must be me. I keep having to give myself little "talks."

No, darling. Your hair is not blonde.

Sweetie, you aren't Dutch.

Good grief! She's a athlete, for crying out loud. (Incidentally, a lot of the Bizzaro-Me Clones were athletes.)

You're twenty-five, honey-pie. That Annika is closer to mommy's age. Yes, she's pretty. Yes, of course you're prettier. You're the prettiest.

Let's not be silly.

Oh, get a grip.

You know, I'm on page 32 now. Aren't there any pictures of me-me?