Friday, January 30, 2004


Will and I are finally watching season 2 of The Shield. Not having cable means that in order to watch each season, we have to wait until just before the next one begins airing, and buy the DVD. This is not a problem, because so far both seasons have become available on DVD right around Will's birthday, and also because we love this show like crack, and have to have it. Seeing it for the first time in this format has serious advantages, like not having to wait for the next episode. It also has its downside, in that once you start watching, it is very difficult to stop, and you go to bed late and wake up with a killer fucking headache.

Sometime after midnight last night we finished watching episode 2.5 (for which I would provide the title if I weren't mostly braindead right now). I won't tag this, because I think we're the only fans of the show who haven't seen further than this already, but I'll be vague just in case.

The last scene is of Vic, Shane and Lem going into a house that turns out to be empty. Their extremely dangerous enemy knew they were coming, and tells them (over the phone), once they are in the house, that he's greenlit them. The episode ends with Vic apprehensively, or nervously, or something (man, he is hard to read!) looking around the empty room that they are in. A boombox is playing. The end.

If you've seen Speed, you know what happens to Keanu's partner when he raids an empty house where he thought the extremely dangerous enemy was holed up. KA-BLAM! Bye-bye, Jeff Daniels. Now I know that 1) The Shield can't kill its main characters and 2) they are more original than that anyway, but DAMN IT, I am nervous as HELL, and can't watch the next episode until Will gets home in seven hours.

The suspense is killing me.

Note: Anyone who posts spoilers for any episodes after 2.5 in the comments WILL BE GREENLIT.

p.s. Love you guys. Especially Matt, whose comments don't show up in IE because I never changed the ReBlogger code when Heath told me to. For your kind words, I will refrain from sending HOT CHICKEN SOUP for you to soak your nads in.

Edited for humor and vagueness.