Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Secondhand Lions

I neglected to mention the reason that I've spent so much time looking at puppies in the last couple of days. We saw Secondhand Lions on Sunday, and just loved it. I highly, highly recommend renting it. I have not yet seen the special features, which are on a second disk (we got the first one only from Netflix), but I hear they're great, too.

The movie features a pack of dogs and a pig that run around together, being adorable. Most of them were either mutts or breeds I am not familiar with. One was an adorable little Bulldog-like creature; I asked Will what it was, he suggested French Bulldog, and there you go.

In other news, it turns out that I am very good with html if I start from scratch. While I remain incapable of fixing my blog template, I have completely redesigned several pages of my website. (The redesigned pages are not online, so don't bother looking yet.) I deserve cake! Alas, I already ate it all. I guess I could make more, but that sounds an awful lot like work.