Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Oh wow!

The internet is so amazing. I just stumbled across this post from a blog I have never heard of before. I'm not making any sort of political statement here, but I think the maps are really, really neat.

Sorry I've been so quiet today. I am plotting [SPOILER! Will, do not read this!]Will's Christmas gift[/SPOILER] and it's been keeping me busy. Also Saria came over earlier. Plus I have so much fucking housework and I am trying to get it done without freaking myself out. What this means is baby steps, which are good for me psychologically but aren't really getting the place clean and organized. Stupid baby steps.

The good news is that we put the new down comforter on the bed and I am now even more in love with bed than before (which should be humanly impossible). Also, earlier I lay down on top of the made-up bed, and I think that it may be possible to improve upon the world's greatest mattress by adding a feather or fiber bed. I'll have to give this some thought.

I have to finish writing the goddamn Thank You cards for the wedding. OK bye.