Tuesday, January 17, 2006


  • I would MURDER for a cup of coffee. For most of this pregnancy, I've been totally apathetic or even turned off by the idea of coffee. I have the occasional decaf latte, which I almost never finish. Today I want rich brewed coffee, slightly bitter, with milk and maybe sugar (I haven't taken sugar in my coffee in six years).

  • I am organizing my yarn and other crafty supplies. This is leading to some distress regarding the lack of places to put things, some amusement over unfinished projects that I don't even remember starting, and some joy over yarns I thought I'd run out of.

  • We've agreed on a price for the car. They are locating it (from another dealer). We should own it as soon as State Farm's check arrives. I realized yesterday that Will and I have not, in eight years together, made a large purchase together before. Isn't that odd? (It isn't as though no large purchases have been made [and for the sake of discussion I'm thinking a grand or more] in that time - he bought a car, we both bought computers, etc. - just never when we were living together.)

  • With Will's blessing, I'm keeping a small amount of the insurance money for the iBook. Between that, the gift cards from Christmas, and some odd jobs I should get paid for soon, I'll have it by the end of the month. I am having difficulty believing it - I've wanted/needed it for so long and can't process the idea of not having to use this beast any longer. (Which reminds me, I have some external hard drive questions - anyone know anything about them?)

  • If I don't clean and organize the office area soon, it will take over the apartment, then the block, then the neighborhood, then Los Angeles...you can see where this is going.

List called on account of hunger.