Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today we spent money.

We ate all of our meals out today. Are we bad people? (Probably.)

We went, out of a sense of duty to comparison shop, to a Honda dealership. Conclusion: YUCK. The new Civic is awful. Now we must cross fingers that Mazda can get the car I (we) want with the options I (we) want in the color I (I) want. Toes too. CROSS EVERYTHING.

Will bought me some more maternity clothes at Baby Style, the normally super-pricey mommy store (they were having a sale). I am up to a size large. At five months. In most items, the mediums did fit, but clearly would not for long. I made him buy me an extra t-shirt and the world's cutest onesie to qualify for the free striped diaper tote. Would anyone like to enter a betting pool as to how soon it will become a knitting tote? (Extra credit to anyone who can suggest a practical knitty usage for the insulated bottle holders.)

We celebrated Will's birthday with two other couples this evening. Dinner (which they insisted on paying for) and then beer and wine and Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom which I won entirely by accident.

I am so tired I could fall over on my keyboard.