Monday, February 27, 2006

...and he didn't get up in the morning!

In other words, it's raining (it's pouring).

Despite horrible neighbors, physical ailments (such as still having this fucking cold, not to mention severe hip discomfort), and nonstop hunger, I managed to put in about five hours of work today, plus some unpaid stuff. I'm feeling pretty accomplished.

Last night the Mister and I watched Kill Bill (volume I). We skipped it when it came out because we both oppose the splitting up of a single movie, except when it results in The Four Musketeers (tangent: apparently the same producer is responsible for Superman 2; I can't wait for that box set). We intended to rent them as soon as both volumes were available, but between theatrical and DVD release our (ex-)friends happened to us. "What do you mean, you haven't seen Kill Bill? I can't believe you haven't seen Kill Bill! You have to see Kill Bill." And there is, of course, no faster way to kill my enthusiasm than to be That Person. Especially if you are trying to tell the couple with the shelves of Samurai and Hong Kong movies that QT delivered a "really original" movie. Don't get me wrong - he has his own style, for sure. But he borrows from all of his favorites, and I knew just which ones before seeing the movie so don't think you can pull one over on me, stupid people!


So we liked Volume I. I like any movie that makes it clear just how much damn fun the filmmakers were having. I do question the necessity of the levels of authenticity they went for - the sound stages in southern California are just as good as the ones in Japan - but I also admire it. It also makes me think a great deal about QT and Rodriguez - the latter, of course, willing to cheat anything if it saves time and money. If they weren't already regular collaborators, I'd be foaming at the bit to see what they'd create together. As it is, I'm wishing I'd seen From Dusk Till Dawn more than three times in the theater.

I need to make more tortillas soon. I am a woman obsessed.

Well, wasn't this random?