Tuesday, February 21, 2006

belly post

For some reason I have no face in these pictures. Try here - you can see all my chins, and the Pakeha.

1. These were taken at 26 weeks, one day.
2. Yes, you see the same pink towel in the picture every week. I wash it regularly. It is the biggest and least linty.
3. Pakeha. The iBook looks like a storm trooper. The clone troopers were played by Tamuera Morrison, a Maori actor. Utu is an excellent movie, in which a Maori named Te Wheke exacts Utu upon the Pakeha, or white men. It is possible that he calls them not Pakeha but Parareka, which means potato. Potatoes are white like Storm Troopers.
4. That is the shirt that was ruined.