Thursday, March 16, 2006

30 weeks. Random.

I read somewhere that a growing fetus is the most active between 24 and 28 weeks. Froggy, ever the little rebel, is out to disprove that theory � with a vengeance! I have been subjected to non-stop movement for the last week or so. Non-stop! With the exception of small portions of yesterday and this morning, when I assume s/he is gearing up for the next barrage.

The cutest is when frogger pushes upward and I can feel a bitty knee poking up. Of course, this also makes breathing harder for me. But still � so cute! Also, when I press down, froggy pushes back. I picture him (or her) yelling, "Get out of my house!"


In other news, remember before my clothes shrunk?

My sister and I both decided it was unacceptable to give up on her visiting before the baby makes an appearance. We're looking at flights. Yay! (I figure that anyone who visits after froggy's arrival is not coming to see me or Will. I am selfish and want some attention for myself, damn it.)

I WANT A BURRITO. I curse the respondents to my last post for putting the idea in my head. Incidentally, I still don't get the receiving blanket thing. I think my problem is with the name, even though Allison explained it nicely for me. Regardless, I think they will be the perfect project to get my ass in gear with the sewing backlog. Nice, straight lines should get me back in the swing of things. Time to visit the fabric store! OK, actually, time to find a fabric store. I am less than enraptured with JoAnn.

The end.