Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In which I tell you about my weird dream.

So, I was part of a sketch comedy/improv troup. I was the new girl. I was also, in this world, not utterly terrified of improvisation. Which is crazy. But I digress. The pseudo-leader was this awesome chick who at times was Heathervescent (makes sense, had dinner with her and some other blogging.la folks last night) and at times Jennifer Dziura (makes sense, I guess, she's a comedienne). There was another chick and two guys. I had a massive crush on one of them. The dream kept going back and forth on whether Will existed in this universe. Now here's the weird thing (you know, other than all that weird stuff I just described): you know how you feel different when you have a crush? I didn't � I felt just as I do when Will is around. I figure this either means that I still have a crush on him (aww) or that I forget what it is like to have a crush (awwww). BUT � when I was dream-flirting with dream guy (you know, we were doing that thing where you're talking and you stand really close and fidget because you kind of want to touch the other person), I got a serious rush. Like, my face was hot and I was trembling. It felt so real, which in turn felt so weird. I mean - hello, dream!

This is the abrupt end of this entry.