Friday, March 10, 2006

This just in: I am a freak

So, I don't go to a normal doctor anymore. This is partly because I am pregnant, not sick, and wish to be treated accordingly. This is also partly because when I did call my OB/Gyn when I had implantation spotting and thought I was miscarrying, the nurse was abusive. So it is safe to say I will never call or go there again. Prior to pregnancy I had yearly girly exams but had not seen a general practitioner in a while.


Will hadn't gone to a doctor in about seven years until today. His reasons are less specific than mine. He went because a clean bill of health would be a nice way to start out fatherhood.

Because Will's employers are rat bastard cheapskates, his thousand-bucks-a-month insurance that I can't afford to be on does not cover yearly checkups, only doctor visits for specific ailments. For this reason, Dr. Wu (you can't make this shit up) asked him to name a complaint, any complaint, so she could bill accordingly. (This becomes about me in a second.) He decided on unexplained weight gain � so-called sympathy weight. Among other things, she asked him what sort of food cravings I've had. He told her about my obsession with steamed fresh (organic) vegetables. She said she had never, ever heard of any such thing.

My parents raised us on rice and beans and tahini and (soy) sauce and lots of good veggies. Bread was whole wheat and baked at home, and we usually ate it with sweet cream butter or olive oil or all-fruit jams. We had almond butter instead of peanut butter. I clearly remember the few times I had dairy products (other than butter). I like carob for a sweet treat.

I'm not some sort of food saint (full disclosure: I just ate two croissants with jam and an ice cream bar). I love fried foods and dairy products. The former give me heartburn right now, but for a while I was eating ice cream daily. I eat bread made with white flour all the time. Et cetera.

But while gestating, I crave vegetables.