Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stop hurting mommy!

The baby is more active than ever this week. Today I am convinced that I did something to excite Froggy - there is little else in the way of explanation. Perhaps s/he was reading over my shoulder about boating accidents and became agitated; maybe that decaf I have been drinking on occasion with little to no incident for some time now suddenly became too caffeinated; maybe last night�s dinner was Just That Good. I don�t know, but this constant movement (feels like barrel roles, pli�-relev�-grand jet�-demi-pli�!, and a full boxing workout all at once) is driving me nuts. And I love feeling my baby moving! So you can imagine how intense this is.

In other news...

Several of our former friends always held Will in higher regard than me. They thought he was smarter, funnier, more is really no wonder they are no longer our friends.


It just occurred to me that tests have proven them right.

Will is an A+ while I am only an A-.

Of course, that�s just our blood types. But still, I feel contrite. Schooled, even.

And finally:

A package arrived today containing the diaper-making supplies I ordered. Now I guess I have to actually start cutting and sewing.


I haven�t used a machine in about 12 years. I�ve never used a pattern without help. My closest friend who can sew (that I�m aware of) recently moved to south Orange County. The next-closest is, um, in Texas.


Wish me luck.