Friday, January 02, 2004

Creepy Internet People are the BEST!

Today as I was getting dressed UPS arrived with an Amazon box for me. It contained Christmas gifts for us from Jason (Thunderstrike). The lateness was no fault of his, though I would certainly not have minded late gifts for any reason. He sent The Anti-Bride Guide, a fun book on having an alternative wedding that actual fits your style instead of the norm, and Buffy season five.

Also today we went to the desert. I would like to write all about it, but I am so tired that I can barely remember my name. It is certain that part of my exhaustion is due to the hike we took through the Devil's Punchbowl. I am so out of shape that it's a miracle I made it. I think it was one mile. True story.

Two-thousand-Amy is shaping up very nicely. Now if only my guests would go away so I could watch Buffy vs. Dracula, or, as I like to call it and was its original name, Before Dawn.