Wednesday, March 10, 2004


I am really not a breakfast person. Most days, breakfast for me is coffee. Sometimes on weekends I will wake up and feel like breakfast, and on those occasions I will make everything*, but I would tend toward calling that brunch. I have no idea why.

Lately I have had to eat breakfast, because I am on a medication that has to be taken twice a day, with food. Trust me, I forgot it once and took it not even an hour after dinner, and it made me feel icky. So, food it is. I suppose I could take it with lunch and dinner, but sometimes I don't eat lunch until 4:00 in the afternoon, so breakfast seems smarter.

I love breakfast foods, but I rarely feel like eating them in the morning. So this recent morning meal trend has consisted largely of toast, which is good but a little boring.

*Everything generally consists of eggs, potatoes, meat, biscuits**, and sometimes beans, as well as the obligatory coffee.
**The American kind, often substituted with tortillas or even toast.