Thursday, March 18, 2004


In honor of the occasion, I made fishnchips for dinner last night. I also decided that it was only one word, but that is beside the point. Will said that mine were even better than the Cat & Fiddle's, though he had told me moments earlier that the food there was really good, so I don't know what to believe. Except - he took the massive leftovers to work today and gave half to his Limey co-worker Lara (who I am half in love with, by the way), and she said they were terrific, so I guess I can take her word.

In wedding news, I called a hotel today to try to reserve a block of rooms for the eight million out-of-town guests. I talked to two people and one voicemail and don't feel like I got anywhere at all, but at least I made the call. I can now go back to ignoring the planning stuff, at least until next week when my sister is here and we go clothes shopping. I am dreading the shoes.

I am now going to rearrange the bookshelves and dust in avoidance of laundry and job-searching. It's amazing the lengths I'll go to.

In other news, MSN messenger is being an asshat so I have signed onto be AIM and Yahoo to compensate. It isn't helping, because neither tells me when I have new mail on MSN.