Thursday, March 11, 2004

I am upset, and it is all my own fault.

You remember how I said that Will's parents have a tendancy to steamroll us? (I might not have actually said it here, now that I think about it.) His mom did it to me today, and I am extremely ashamed of my inability to handle the situation. You remember Franny, Will's mom's boss that we are not talking to?

Will's mom called me today from work because they are having yet another problem with a factory in China. This time, the factory has told them that by Califonia law, stores cannot sell ceramics with decals on them. This sounds absurd to me, as most coffee mugs with designs on them are decal, not glaze. Anyway, it's got something to do with Proposition 65, which prohibits lead in drinking water and all sorts of other dangerous substances, including cadmium, which is apparently in the decals used on ceramics.

What the hell does this have to do with me? She wants me to find out if stores in LA sell ceramics with decals. I am going to keep right on typing ceramics with decals every time I mention ceramics with decals, because it is that ridiculous. She wanted me to call Pier One, because apparently she can't do that herself. I won't do that, but I offered (I don't know why) to stop in at a local store and look at the ceramics, to see if any of them had decals. I deduced all by myself that they would have to be ceramics for the purpose of eating or drinking, as ceramics with decals that were made for decorative purposes would almost certainly be excempt from this particular law. I tried to suggest that she just read the law in question, but apparently it is too long and complicated. Isn't that her job? So I did a search for it online, but for some reason I can't read PDF files, even though I could last week. I even tried to reinstall Adobe Reader. I AM NOT GETTING PAID TO WORK FOR THESE FREAKS! I can't imagine why I agreed to help. Much like Franny's phone call in September, I was too baffled to react appropriately.

So now I am stuck looking for ceramics with decals when all I want to do is finish the laundry and watch some Buffy. After a long break from season 5, I am up to The Body, which I can surely only handle watching if I do housework at the same time.

Anyway, I'm going to do it (not right this minute or anything, though - probably tomorrow), but then I have to figure out a way to ask her to NEVER GET ME INVOLVED WITH HER PETTY WORK PROBLEMS AGAIN - but nicely, because I am stuck with her forever.

I am so grumpy. Please send pie.