Wednesday, March 10, 2004

maybe good news.

First, the bad news: I have not been doing very well with my self-imposed job search. I have become completely wrapped up in the redesign of my website and am using the (entirely reasonable) excuse that it will look good on my resume. Sure, it is only basic html, but I think I am using it quite well.

The good news is that Elka called me out of the blue just now. She is the executive chef I worked for at the catering company. I never actually stopped working there, I just sort of stopped working there. I was always a back-up, so I assumed that they just didn't need me after the holiday rush. She only asked me to work two nights, and the pay is crap, but money is money and very welcome nonetheless. Besides, I like Elka and it will be nice to see her. And, I can find out how serious she was when she offered to cater the wedding, since it is about time for me to be shopping around and figuring that out.

I really don't want to do catering for a living unless I am making a far better wage than I get at this particular kitchen. Even then I am not sure I could do it full time. The hours tend to be inconvenient, especially with no transportation of my own. I don't like standing up constantly. I don't like the pastry chef yelling at me. (OK, being yelled at by Marta is kind of funny.) And washing my hands six hundred times a day is not high up on my list of things I want to do in the workplace. I have really dry skin!

What I ought to be doing is sitting at a nice cushy reception desk. I realize that doesn't sound very ambitious, but that is the point. I want a job that does not come home with me and holds little emotional significance.