Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Cat & Fiddle

I am not Irish, though I've had a little Irish in me (wink, wink). So I wasn't sure if I'd make a St. Patrick's Day-related post. That all changed when Will called to tell me that his lunch meeting had been changed from an Armenian restaurant to the Cat & Fiddle. He checked online to see what the reviews were like, having never been there. This one caught his eye:

User Rating: Below Average

if you like bad food/wrm beer-it rocks Posted by johnny69 on 02/05/2003
this place sucks...warm beer and bland food, but if you like that, you are in!

Dear Johnny69,

You are a moron. Guinness is supposed to be served at approximately 58°, which is probably a bit warm to your retarded Hollywood sensibilities. Fish and chips are a bland food - that is what the malt vinegar is for.

I suggest that if you are so free of culture that you don't know what an Irish pub is supposed to be like, you stay the fuck away and let the people who appreciate that sort of thing enjoy it.

Disgusted By Your Ignorance