Friday, March 12, 2004

Apple pie would be great, thanks.

I am so very tired. Standing up all day hunched over STUPID FUCKING COOKIES does not do anything good for the neck and shoulders. On the other hand, I got my karmic payback for all that whining about wanting a dog. I had to decorate 150 dog-shaped cookies. To look like a specific dog. I do not jest. I had help, but it was still a crappy thing to have to do.

In entirely unrelated news, The Return of the King will be released on DVD May 25th. I have not yet seen a release date for the extended edition.

If I had $459 I could fly to Frankfurt.

Other than the dog cookies, work was fine. Afterwards we went out for a drink and some Japanese barbeque.

I have just taken a scalding hot shower and plan to do absolutely nothing that requires thinking or moving for the rest of the night.