Saturday, March 27, 2004

Money in the sand.

I found a $20 bill on the beach today. Yippee! We didn't run out of gas on the way home! (OK, so our finances weren't that bad, but I did use the money to put gas in the car.)

We've just dropped K off at the airport after a day spent primarily driving to and from the beach, with a ridiculously long detour to find a bathroom. It's a good thing we took the detour, too, because the beach was far more populated than I'm used to and I wouldn't have been able to do my usual squat behind the dune and hope no one sees me routine.

Have I mentioned yet how glad I am that the wedding shopping is done? I mean, realistically, we still have loads to do. But the clothing is taken care of except for the dreaded alterations on my dress. And I can't even begin to be bothered about that until the dress arrives, so I shan't. Of course, we still need clothes for Will, and flowers and cake and probably more junk than anyone could ever possibly need for one four-hour event, but nevermind. I'll think about it tomorrow. (Not literally - just having a Scarlet moment. I don't plan to think about it for days and days.)

I have thought of lots of stuff that I wish to post about, including the atrocity that is LA drivers; racial stereotypes; civil rights; and the fact that my hands itch like crazy and I can't figure out why. However, I am tired and I don't think I will do so tonight.