Saturday, March 20, 2004

Today, I don't feel like doing anything.

Last night, an unusual shift occurred. My sweet homebody fiance elected to attend our friend Chris's birthday party (at some hipster bar) without me, as I was too tired to get off the couch or out of my sweatpants. Usually I am the one pushing for us to do stuff, but I was completely without interest, even though I do like Chris a whole lot. I didn't even mind going to bed alone, which usually I hate. Of course, I was pleased when Will came home, but still - I think it is quite impressive that we were able to do separate stuff, even if only for about two hours (and even if mine was primarily sleep).

I cleaned our home office over the past week. I did a really terrific job, completed (for the most part) yesterday with a thorough vacuuming. I still have to find places to put a few things, and I just discovered that when I dusted the computer (scrubbed, more like), I forgot to clean the keyboard. It is yucky. Would anyone like to buy me some nice filing cabinets? We have this stack of Office Depot boxes next to the desk, full of files, and piles of papers and stuff pretty much everywhere. It is disgraceful. (Note: I don't actually expect anyone to buy me anything. I just like the idea.)

I'm working on a grocery list. I'm trying to keep the spending down, because now that I am keeping the bank balance in order (I'm using the register and everything), it would be very embarrassing to go into overdraft again. Of course, it was pretty embarrassing before, when it happened (more often than I like), but now it will be apparent right there in my own handwriting, rather than on those imposing bank statements that are not my doing.

I should get a waterproof tape recorder. Surely they make them. I tend to have ideas for stories while I am in the shower with no means of writing them down. And of course they aren't abstract ideas, they are actual line-for-line stories that never quite make it to paper (though yesterday's has been transcribed and I am fairly pleased with it so far).

I have to pee. When Will wakes up I have to clean the rest of the house in preparation for my sister's visit. I doubt that she'd think less of us if the house was messy (and I already cleaned the office, which is where she'll be sleeping), but it needs to be cleaned anyway, and I am grateful for the push.