Wednesday, March 24, 2004

"That time of the month."

Warning: Probably TMI.

It's funny how that could mean just about anything, depending on context, but there is one thing that just about everyone associates with the phrase and nothing seems likely to change that.

So: it's that time of the month. Not unexpected, since I'm on the pill and now have Regularly Scheduled Bleeding times. I was actually quite "regular" (another phrase with a specific connotation, this time not what I mean) for most of my adult life, but I never remembered where I was in my cycle. Now I have little pills to tell me. Rather convenient, that. Plus, no unplanned babies, which I am mostly pleased about.

Yesterday, in what I can only assume was a fit of PMS-induced insanity, I had a Bridezilla moment. I am terribly disappointed, because I expected it to be fun when it eventually and inevitably occured, but it was just lame and embarrassing and guilt-causing.

The good news is that my dress is ordered and K's is in my closet, ready to go. Pictures to follow if I am able to fix the sudden and inexplicable weirdness of my computer.


The following is an $800 ensemble that K tried on before we looked at the pricetag. It is stunning and absolutely perfect but there was just no way in hell. Click the thumbnail for a larger version.

And here is the gorgeous outfit we wound up buying for her (the shoes are mine), same thumbnail dealio as before:

Thank you for your time and indulgance. The next entry will, I promise, be non-wedding-related, though probably equally self-serving.