Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Excuse me.

I just need to flip out and kill people.

I deposited a check that was returned for assorted reasons, all the issuing bank's fault. The person who wrote the check wired the amount to my account and will make restitution for the overdraft fees we incurred because of it, so that's all good. But the fucking wire transfer has not gone through yet. Her bank verified that it went into the Federal Reserve (which sounds terribly ominous - they need a jollier name) and my bank has no way of tracking it. So I have no access to real money, because even though we have a positive balance at the moment I can't access any of it because there is a hold on an out-of-state check that I deposited (a wedding gift from my step-mother). So our credit cards are all at their limit because we've been using them as money while all this nonsense is resolved. Did I mention that the wire transfer was in town? And it's been well over the 48 hour estimate for wire transfers? Come on. I've had out-of-state wired money go through in less time. (It sounds like I get money wired to me all the time. This is not the case - it is now twice, ever.)

Also, all of the idiot sub-contractors from my wedding are calling me non-stop demanding payment on disputed charges that have nothing to do with me. I am seriously considering throwing away my telephone.

AND I still haven't written any more Thank You notes. We sent out about 15 on Friday and I wanted the rest done by yesterday, but oh well. I comfort myself in the knowledge that my bed is still awesome.

Also, ninjas make me feel better.