Saturday, November 13, 2004

Liquor in the front...

I enjoy playing poker. I have no delusions about being any good at it. I still cannot remember the order the hands go in, so often have no idea whether I've won. (For the record: usually not.)

Rian hosts Wednesday night poker. We originally decided on the day because we all watched the series finale of Angel together and didn't know what to do with ourselves the following week. It has since become its own beast. Will and I don't go very regularly anymore, because of a combination of lack of money and lack of time (in a way - we have plenty of time but don't manage it very well). Meghan and Mark have just started a Saturday night game. This may prove problematic since they have a 50" TV and an X-Box, but we shall see. Surely the thrill of Halo 2 will wear off someday. It left Will shell-shocked, so I think we will stick with our PS2 and the GTA games (and Tenchu).

The biggest problem I've noticed with having a large group of friends who all enjoy getting together and all (except Will) enjoy playing poker is that there aren't enough seats or chips for everyone. I never mind sitting out so that everyone else can play (it saves us money and I still get to hang out) but it is still awkward. Maybe this is why we don't host games, though I still want to start doing Horror Game nights.

I forgot what my point was.