Saturday, November 13, 2004

More on the Winter Blues

Interactive post!

I love books. I mean, duh. But I really love re-reading my favorite books. They're my security blanket. If I'm grumpy or sad or tired or whatever, I just take an old favorite (the worse the mood, the younger the reading level) and sit out on the porch with it (weather permitting) and it always helps a little. In fact, the bookshelf nearest the door to the porch is full of children's novels. At least once a year I read the "Little House" books, Harry Potter, the Bagthorpes, and of course Oz and Narnia. I also read To Kill A Mockingbird once a year, but that is a little bit different and anyway I do it in summer.

So, if you are a re-reader please tell me your favorite books to read and your reasons to re-reading. If you are not a re-reader then I suppose you should jsut tell me your favorite books in general, or make up something else that you think I'd like to know.