Friday, May 05, 2006


Yesterday brought more delights - the UPS redelivery was the co-sleeper. The box had two address labels on it (I don't know why). The labels were right next to each other. One of them had my full address including apartment number. The other just had my street address. The box was held because there was no apartment number. Dear UPS: You are lacking in basic reading comprehension skills.

Though I will do it properly (ha ha, someday when I find the cards and some stamps and my brain), I would like to say thank you now to Kulia and Andrea (and anyone who may have been involved in the purchase that I am not aware of). It is a wee bit strange that a cousin I didn't meet till adulthood and a chick I used to make out with at concerts met each other and conspired to buy a gift for my baby, but it is also really incredibly cool and so kind.

The post office also brought me a present. A present! For me! A few weeks ago I'd sent Will a link to Day-Lab, pointing him to this necklace because I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen and knew he would like it too. He very sneakily ordered it for me. And it was a surprise! I emphasise this because we are not very good at surprising each other or in fact being romantic in the traditional ways at all. Normally this is fine but I am over the moon at how thoughtful he is right now. Plus, it looks something like Great Cthulhu.

In other news, last night was Stitch 'n Bitch at the Farmer's Market.

I had some decent pizza that failed to satisfy my craving for real New York pizza (despite being positively dripping with grease). So later I am going to Albano's. And for good measure I have a tentative date to go to Albano's again on Monday with Cory. Pizza, pizza.

I impressed the guy sitting next to me (Ben? I am so bad with names) by referring to my necklace as an Elder God. Lovecraft references do tend to surprise people. I wonder if it is because so few people in general know of his writing, or because I am a girl. Something to think about! (Did anyone else watch Cartoon Planet? Everyone I mention Space Ghost to thinks I am referring to Coast to Coast, an excellent show in its own right but I think inferior.)