Sunday, March 30, 2003

Warning: this entry is about issues of a girly nature.

Dear Uterus,

What the hell is wrong with you? We had a lovely schedule worked out, and suddenly you're being weird. Every three weeks? Isn't that a bit extreme? I'm going to run out of fabulously expensive self-adhesive heating pads soon.

I am not amused.

As I am bigger than you, I feel that I should be in control. Get back on schedule, or else.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Dude, I totally forgot to tell you all: we got a couch! Or, more accurately, a loveseat. It is the weirdest color. I don't know how to describe it - it almost looks as if someone spilled red wine, but very, very evenly. It's fairly comfortable, not hideous, and generally OK. I would have preferred a pull-out, but this one was free. Free!

And now I must end this entry, as I am chatting with Saren and will soon be leaving for LAX to pick up my sister.

I am so witty. If only I could translate it to text.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Things I (almost) did today

  • Filed my Federal Tax Return. This would have been in the (actually) done list, had I remembered to send my W2s to work with Will so he could mail everything.
  • Sent a harsh letter demanding Will's security deposit refund from the old apartment. This will be (actually) done tomorrow - I need photocopies made of a few things, and to visit the post office so I can send it certified.
  • Ate before 4:00. I had some pretzels, but I don't think it counts.
  • Finished filling out all of the state and local forms. Hell, I don't even have the local forms.

In conclusion, I suck. But K arrives tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Dear Anne Rice,

I've never had anything but the most grudging respect for you, so I hope you'll forgive this out-of-the-blue missive.

As you know, I find Lestat to be the most appallingly dull character ever to have several books devoted to him. However, I find it even more appalling to see him onscreen under the pseudonym "Spike" - or, more accurately, "William."

I recommend suing David Fury, Drew Goddard, and Joss Whedon.


Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Last night we went to the Beverly Cinema for a double feature of Evil Dead and Dead Alive.

The movies were great! Of course, I already knew that, but it was immense fun to see them in a theater - especially Dead Alive, which had an excellent audience reaction.

I hid my eyes a total of 3 times in 2 features. Not bad for a girly-girl.

My favorite part of Evil Dead was when the sound went out while Ash was in the basement. It was hilarious.

Monday, March 24, 2003

This may be the funniest, most clever thing I have ever read. I really adore Valerie - I should probably talk to her more. But then I'd have to get over that whole thing I have about talking to people I admire and sounding like a moron, which would be a great deal of trouble.

So probably not.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Dear IRS,

I don't hate you anymore. Please send my $900 immediately. I've promised Will an action figure.

love & kisses,
(Please make the check out to Annika)

Thanks for all the gropes. I changed the name of my blog, but it refuses to show up. I got angry and threw my computer out the window*.

On Tuesday I made jerk chicken and assorted other Carribean goodies. It was so good.

*Not really.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003


Testing. For the last time. After this, it's kill or be killed.

bloody buggering hell.


Monday, March 17, 2003

I've been reading plays. Specifically, excerpts of plays that my friend John is writing.

I've only ever been able to write short stories and screenplays. Stage is totally beyond me - a fact that never deterred me when I was younger, but then I never wrote anything good. Now I'm finding myself wanting to tackle a play, even though my brain just doesn't wrap around the concept of a single set. (And yes, I understand that sets can be changed; what I mean is that the stage is it - all there is to work with.)

All of this pondering is serving only to remind me that I haven't actually written anything in ages. Now I am depressed.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I've had another great weekend. Spending time with Will is just so damn nice.

I ran my first Deadlands game today. It was so weird for Will to be a player and me to be in charge.

Lauren's post about local bands is making me extremely nostalgic.

I've really not got much to say. I apologize. All of my creativity is going into writing a letter to Beth.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Holy crap. My boyfriend gave Jim McManus feedback on his newest script today. I think I might die. This is too cool.

We're a strange pair, Will and I. Our celebrity idolization tends toward celebrities no one has ever heard of.

Will and I invented a game. We were lying in bed and he was sort of nibbling on me, and I said Nibble nibble like a mouse, who's that nibbling at my house? I believe it's from Hansel and Gretel. Anyway, he began nibbling at different parts of me (it wasn't that naughty, I swear), and I'd make up a rhyme for each one. The top three, in reverse order:

  • Nibble nibble like a Bringer, who's that nibbling at my finger?
  • Nibble nibble like a boob, who's that nibbling at my boob? (He didn't find this one nearly as funny as I did.)
  • Nibble nibble like a pickle, who's that nibbling? Stop, it tickles!

    Good times.

  • I'm very torn on the issue of a new name for my blog. In order to please everyone, I am considering Sick Boy: Through the Classic Lithium 8-ball.

    I am a genius.

    Thursday, March 13, 2003

    On changing the name of my blog:

    So far, my favorite is Kirk's Scratching at the 8-ball. I also have a few ideas of my own, including Classic Girl, Through the Looking-Glass, and Candy Lithium.

    On becoming British:

    Dearest Del, if you adopt me, may I bring my boyfriend?

    I like the internet. It has people with names like Giles and Simon. Before the internet, only books had people with those names.

    I am insane.

    Name Bettie's Blog!

    So, as you can see I've made some minor template adjustments. Thank you, Beth! Helping you procrastinate has worked out very nicely for me.

    Now I want to change the name of this damn blog. I named it without thought, before I told anyone of its existance. I was listening to Social Distortion. I call Will "Sick Boy" sometimes. (I'd explain the "good girl" part but then I'd be paranoid that someone might steal my book idea.)


    What should I re-name my blog?

    Wednesday, March 12, 2003

    Attention fellow bloggers:

    Can anyone help me with my template? I'd like to change the link color from orange to red[2] and possibly add a sidebar.

    Also, what is the difference between blogspot plus and blogger pro, and why can't I figure it out? (Note, please, that I'm not upgrading, as I am broke, I'm just curious. But I must admit, I really want to be able to include pictures and graphics.)

    EDIT Oooh, and I forgot. I'd appreciate template help for my comments as well, but I'm not sure what I want them to look like.


    Warning: extremely boring entry.

    Tax time. Wheee! Fun.

    I tried to do the paperwork for Will's taxes yesterday, but ran into a few wee problems:

  • The post office had the 1040EZ forms, but no booklets, state forms, or city forms. Gee, thanks.
  • The IRS has the booklets available online as PDF files, but it is exceptionally difficult to read a 32 page PDF file, even with a large(ish) monitor.
  • The idiot accountants who cut checks for Ben Stiller's employees do not withhold enough federal taxes, meaning that, if I read the "booklet" correctly, we owe the IRS about $700. We don't have $700. We don't even have a couch!

    I am unable to file my own taxes, as my W2s were sent to Chicago and my (former) roommate is forwarding them to me but they have not yet arrived. Once they do, I will face the challenge of getting Illinois tax forms. More fun!

    Also in financial news, the owners of the apartment we moved out of last month have yet to send Will his security deposit or a written explanation of why they are withholding it, as required by law. It's been over 30 days, and though I have to double-check the local laws, I'm fairly certain that this entitles us to a full refund. Will left a voicemail for the building manager, but he is notorious for not calling back, so I will most likely be taking care of this by mail. Which, granted, is the best solution anyway - a piece of paper with "CC: West Hollywood Housing Commission" is more likely to produce results than a phone call.

    In terrible financial news (because the above isn't bad enough), I've discovered that Will's credit card is charging him something in the vicinity of 21% APR and that my bank account seems to have been turned over to collection agents. Please note that I haven't heard a word from my bank since sending them my change of address, so I cannot possibly pay off my overdraft, because I don't know what it is. I've applied (ironically, at Citibank, which holds my [possibly ex] checking account) for a new credit card in Will's name, and hopefully will be able to transfer the balance over.

    End boring part.

    We're having a party in a week and a half. I'm looking very forward to it, though I have no idea where we'll find money to purchase booze for it.

  • Tuesday, March 11, 2003

    Dear Internal Revenue Service,

    I hate you.

    Dear Ben Stiller,

    I hate you.

    Dear United States Postal Service,

    I hate you most of all.

    What the hell is wrong with me? I keep on having these retardedly happy dreams and waking up depressed as all hell.

    Victoria's Secret has panties that I want.

    In related news, if I don't start taking better care of myself I will get cottage cheese butt. And I hate cottage cheese.

    Monday, March 10, 2003

    K is coming for a visit in a few weeks. Exact date to be determined. She asked how long she could stay, and I told her "more than 2 days, but one day before we kill each other." She has determined that to be two weeks. We shall see.

    If Phoebe doesn't update soon, she will never hear my boring comment about my mother and J.D. Salinger.

    I hung a few more pictures this morning, and watched the last few minutes of today's Port Charles while giggling about it on the phone with Jenn. I don't believe I have ever seen so many genre shows/movies ripped off in one place.

    I keep using markup instead of html.

    I have laundry to sort and then wash. Again. And when I've done that I can look forward to folding it and putting it away. Perhaps I was mistaken when I stated my goal to be a housewife.

    I just misread the phrase "grumbling to self" as "grumpy house elf." It's time to put down the Harry Potter books. (Actually, I've already done that, having finished re-reading Goblet of Fire last night.)

    And finally, a snippet of a conversation held in the bathroom yesterday afternoon:

    Annika: My hair is so shiny and soft...I think I'm becoming narcissistic.
    Will: Becoming?

    Sunday, March 09, 2003

    What a fantastic weekend I've had. *happy sigh*

    I had tons of things that I meant to write about when I came online, and I've forgotten every last one of them. Maybe someone should get me a notebook and tie it to my wrist. It would be uncomfortable, and I might have to stop showering, but at least I could take notes!

    Here is the thing I just remembered: We played Terminal Pursuit with Jenn and Geoff, and Will won. I am so proud of my geeky sweetpea.

    Friday, March 07, 2003

    I think everyone missed the point of my letter to Nora Robertson. I fully understand the use of pseudonyms, and even the concept of the book jacket stating that you're Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb, just not the damn television commercial advertising it.

    Of course, I'm known for not making my point clear.

    In other news...nope, I've got nothing.

    Thursday, March 06, 2003

    Dear Nora Roberts,

    Why on earth would you write a book under the pseudonym JD Robb and then make a commercial announcing your new book as "Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb"?

    That is just weird. If you want to break away from the romance genre but still be recognized, write as Nora Roberts. It worked for Sandra Brown. Of course, her non-romance novels still had a romance as the secondary storyline, and tons of steamy sex, but that's her problem.

    You're a good writer, but clearly tipped.


    As usual, my boyfriend is right.

    If I stay up late and sleep in the next morning, I am not remotely sleepy that night.

    Wednesday, March 05, 2003

    Amanda is now stalking me. This works out quite well for me, as she is one of those people whose posts I always read and whose diaries I visit occasionally, but for some reason I almost never speak to directly.

    I had a serious (!) conversation with Matt last night. Shocking, I know. I can honestly say that he is one of my best friends, even though we rarely talk except to exchange insults or at least self-depracating remarks. But he is a truly fantastic and real person, and I'm thrilled to know him.

    Incidentally, I still want Mexican food. Will made chili con queso, Texas style, which will probably be satisfactory.

    I just spent close to an hour talking about all the Mexican food I wish I was eating. In that time, I could have made most of it.

    I'm so hungry.

    Tuesday, March 04, 2003

    I wrote this before I came online and was reminded how fantastic the other moderators are. Please ignore "The ugly." I feel better now.

    The good

  • Can you hear me now monkeys!
  • My sister is coming to visit (arrival unknown)

    The bad
    Will had a nightmare last night, and as a result I'm covered in bruises. Well, a bruise. Possibly two.

    The ugly
    I hate people. I'm considering resigning as a moderator and maybe leaving the WD altogether. It might be a good idea, though, for me to not base this decision on one hideously self-righteous board member.


  • Monday, March 03, 2003

    Honestly. I am so sick of the peons at the WD ignoring what I have to say on their own whim. Am I a moderator or aren't I?

    Also, I really wish people wouldn't post so much when I am offline for a few days.

    And finally, who tapes The Shield? If we don't get season 2 soon, Will and I will die. Stupid not-having-cable.